We have another sneak peek: Belle’s updated opening dress.

Disney released a sketch of what Belle’s blue apron and peasant blouse will look like this go-around, and they’re way edgier, grungier, and modern compared to the 1991 Disney originals. Belle is finally letting her hair down—literally.

Other changes we noticed: Belle swaps her perfect low ponytail for a more realistic down ‘do. The heavier hair is paired with a thicker-looking blue apron with checkered detail. Belle’s white blouse is also distinctively less polished, and she trades in her hand basket for several washcloths around her waist.

However, the most drastic change is definitely Belle’s footwear. Disney exchanged Belle’s dainty, barely there flats for a pair of sturdier boots with thick shoelaces. Belle has a lot of walking to do, people. She needs support!

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Clips from “Beauty and the Beast,” which can be seen in full in the latest DVD and Blu-ray release of the animated movie’s twenty-fifth year anniversary, showed just how much Emma Watson and Dan Stevens are the perfect picks to play Belle and Beast in the live action treatment. Watch the preview below.